UGPN Doctoral Seminar 2015

Wednesday 14 October 2015

The UGPN Doctoral Seminar 'From cells to societies: the roles of modelling in improving health outcomes’ was hosted by the University of Surrey from the 20-25th July 2015. In total seventeen PhD students and eleven members of staff from the University of São Paulo, North Carolina State University and the University of Surrey attended the seminar. The programme focused on four key areas of investigation; molecular modelling, healthcare modelling, mathematical modelling and modelling in vaccines. Each session was led by academics specialising in their fields, with time dedicated to group work and extra-curricular visits to Abbots Hospital in Guildford town centre as well as the Wellcome Collection in London. The keynote speech was delivered by Dr Simon Frost of Cambridge University entitled 'Multiscale modelling of HIV dynamics and evolution'.

 Professor Johnjoe McFadden, Associate Dean International for the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at Surrey and academic lead for the seminar, gave his feedback on the student presentations on the last day of the seminar:  'the student presentations were excellent, presenting novel and interesting projects that the student hope to take forward into sustained collaborations.' Feedback from participating students has also been very positive: 'All in all, the Seminar was very enjoyable and extremely productive, especially from a networking perspective. I am very pleased to have been a part of it and hope to be able to participate in further events. A big thanks to the organizing committee'.

 Photography by Mr Phuong Hoang