UGPN Research Collaboration Fund Awards 2015

Wednesday 1 July 2015

We are pleased to announce the awards for the fourth call of the UGPN Research Collaboration Fund. 

The Research Collaboration Fund has been an integral part of the UGPN since its inception 2011. Designed to support collaboration between the UGPN partners, the annual fund of US $180,000 has supported 25 international research projects to date. In the most recent call, six projects received funding covering a range of topics, from aerosol emissions to molecular modelling for disease prevention:


1.'Towards the treatment of aerosol emissions from biomass burning in chemical transport models' Fatima Andrade, M., (USP), Zhang, Y., (NC State), Kumar, P., (Surrey)


2. 'Understanding CaPP Deposition Disease (Pseudogout) molecular modelling and simulation' Santiso, E., (NC State), Barroso da Silva, F., (USP), Sear, R., (Surrey)


3. 'White brown fat plasticity and metabolic inflammation in obesity and diabetes' Komarnytsky, S., (NC State), Festuccia, W., (USP)


4. 'Green composites from tururi fiber and soy based resin' Seyam, A., (NC State), Baruque Ramos, J., (USP)


5.'Green infrastructure research development for stormwater and air quality' Chenoweth, J., (Surrey), Hunt, W., (NC State)


6. 'Characterisation of organic scintillator response to fast neurons for detection and identification of special nuclear material' Mattingly, J., (NC State), Sellin, P., (Surrey)