News Archive 2013

Wednesday 17 July 2013

Surrey Honorary Degree awarded to Professor Adnei Melges de Andrade

Prof Adnei Melges de Andrade was awarded the Degree of Doctor of the University Honoris Causa by the University of Surrey on 17 July 2013, recognising his instrumental role in founding the University Global Partnership Network (UGPN) with North Carolina State University and the University of Surrey.

Monday 4 March 2013

Second round of Research Collaboration Fund grants announced

The UGPN Executive Committee is pleased to announce the funded proposals from the 2013 round of bids to the Research Collaboration Fund. Eight out of 18 proposals submitted were selected for funding after an evaluation process across the three universities. The UGPN Fund is designed to support high quality research collaboration across the partner universities—North Carolina State University, University of São Paulo, and the University of Surrey.

The value of the awards is US$10,000 per partner institution to support substantive engagement that leads to high quality outputs, such as international research training for graduate students or early career faculty, joint papers from collaborative research, or joint research bids.

For a full list of the eight successful proposals, please see the table below:


Title of Project


(S) - Surrey

(NC) – NC State University

(USP) – University of Sao Paulo


On the Influence of Norms and Sanctions on Socio-technical Systems Governance – An Agent-based Simulation Approach

Nigel Gilbert, Tina Balke (S); Munindar Singh (NC); Jaime S. Sichman, Luis Nardin (USP)

Clinical Data Validated Mathematical Models of HCV Infection Dynamics: An Interdisciplinary Approach for the Prevention, Treatment and Control of HCV Infection

Philip Aston (S); Hien Tran (NC); Aluisio Segurado (USP)

Demonstration and scaling-up project: First steps towards developing a global public health surveillance program to reduce the burden of bacterial pathogens in food animals

Roberto La Ragione (S); Maria Correa, Sid Thakur (NC); Andrea Micke Moreno (USP)


Telling the truth to patients and families in chronic illness situations: experiences in Brazil and the United Kingdom

Anne Arber (S); Margareth Angelo (USP)

Developing a Sociology for Early Childhood: advances and challenges with particular reference to the role of institutions in young children’s lives

Jo Moran-Ellis (S); Maria Letícia Barros, Pedroso Nascimento (USP)

BILATERAL:  NC State--Surrey

Harnessing fluid-structure interaction in wind power and sustainable air transport

Joseba Murua (S); Ashok Gopalarathnam (NC)


Animal Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Network

Jorge Piedrahita (NC); Carlos Eduardo Ambrosio (USP)

Developing predictive mesoscale models for peptoids and their interactions

Erik Santiso (NC); Fernando Luís Barroso da Silva (USP)