About the Network

Our mission

The mission of the UGPN is to develop sustainable world-class research, education and knowledge transfer through an active international network of selected Universities collaborating in research, learning and teaching to benefit global society.  

Our vision

The UGPN will be regarded by key stakeholders as a leader in the field of global academic and research partnerships with an overriding commitment to enhancing the impact of all its endeavours.

By 2016, as a multilateral network, the UGPN will develop:
• a range of jointly enabled innovative solutions to world problems based on shared research expertise   
• a mobility strategy for increasing the number of faculty, staff and students with international experience.

The network

The UGPN is a multilateral network of 'preferred partners' that is global in reach but local in scale. Its core partners are:

  • University of Surrey
  • Universidade de São Paulo
  • North Carolina State University
  • The University of Wollongong

In addition the UGPN members have strategic relationships with:

  • Banco Santander through the Santander Universities Network
  • Fapesp (the São Paulo State Research Funding Council)

Our priorities

UGPN priorities embrace a holistic approach to internationalisation across all academic activities.

Promoting global graduates: student experience and employability:

This will involve:

  • student mobility and placement opportunities across the network
  • curriculum innovation
  • dual and multilateral awards
  • summer multidisciplinary doctoral seminar programme

Promoting research with global impact:

This will involve:

  • networked research in key themes
  • pump-priming of research
  • innovation partnerships with industry